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Our Services Include

Permanent Staffing

  • Bulk Recruitment
  • Advertisement Handling
  • Head hunting

Resume Services
Your Resume is the first impression of you on your future employer. So, how do you tell your prospective employer that you are the best person for the job out of hundreds of potential resumes?

Panzer Technologies can help you to attain the success you deserve. We analyze and construct the CV, which will showcase your capabilities, talent, skills, and credentials that the present market is looking for and it optimizes your CV’s job winning potential. We do the following:

  • Showcases your potential and credentials.
  • Capable of holding the recruiter’s attention.
  • Helping you get the job you deserve.
  • Advise you on how to modify your resume and present details in the most effective way possible.
  • Assess and tell you if your resume will be effective to market yourself.
  • Evaluate and give an honest and fair outlook and point out any issues before potential employers see them.


Our teams at the corporate level consists of highly qualified professionals focusing on strategy, operations, compliance, assessment, analysis, and are assisted by dedicated teams of Business Development, Client Relationship & Delivery, and HRD Consultants.


Contract Staffing

Panzer Technologies is an active player in the Indian Human Resource related Business Process Operations. It has been providing ready-to-go quality professionals to large FMCG, Consumer Durable, and Service companies besides handling innovative mission-critical service offerings on behalf of clients.

MNC and Blue chip (Indian Service), and FMCG companies have retained Panzer Technologies to provide a host of HR and Marketing services.

Leverage its nationwide network with plug and play offices. Panzer Technologies has drawn up very aggressive service offerings that include:

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Customer Acquisition Services
  • Customer Interaction Services
  • Retail Management
  • Relationship Management Services

Payroll Solutions
Panzer Technologies provides dependable Payroll management solutions that integrate:

  • Payroll (monthly basis along with TDS computation)
  • Pay slip generation
  • Reports, bank statements, Salary JV preparation
  • Flexible benefits/basket of allowance pay processing
  • Loan management/loan processing
  • Maintenance of balances
  • Computation of interest
  • Attendance and leave records
  • Disbursal of salary
  • Customized MIS

Statutory Compliance Support
Panzer Technologies ensures monthly filing of PF, Professional Tax, ESI and Income Tax returns on time, enabling the client to maintain legal status as well as saving the client’s time. This system handles:

  • Statutory registrations
  • Monthly deductions and filing
  • Annual/half-yearly statement preparation and filing
  • Statutory audit

Trust Management
Panzer Technologies Trust Management solutions take care of processing, compliance, monitoring of various activities in dependable, zero error formats.

In addition to Accounting, Statutory compliance, Processing applications, Claims and query management for PF, it incorporates provision for the tracking of receipts and payments

Panzer Technologies Catalyst – HR Joining Kit
Panzer Technologies has a ready-to-deploy HR kit for a start-up company that encompasses critical parameters that ensure hassle-free organizational workflow from the beginning.

  • Pre- Registration Advice and Registration
  • Policy Drafting and Documentation of HR directives
  • Compensation Structuring
  • Payroll and Statutory Management
  • Attendance and Leave Report and Review
  • Employees Record Maintenance System – ERMS

Flexi Staffing
The nature of certain projects demands flexible staffing solutions. It is a time-bound requirement that requires a ready-to-go work force and quick resource round-up.

It is a challenge Panzer Technologies is equipped to handle across India, identifying and engaging personnel in required numbers and in placement locations indicated by the client. At the conclusion of the contract period or on request, the deputed personnel are disengaged from the project.

The Panzer Technologies Edge

  • Does away with time-consuming and costly contractual procedures.
  • Uninterrupted gain from the performance and contribution of deputed personnel.
  • Clients are assured of all the merits of a regular employee in a respected company.
  • Resources are on the Panzer Technologies payroll which handles all services ranging from talent acquisition, payroll to statutory and benefits administration.
  • Ensures quality service.
  • Addresses headcount limitations.
  • Quicker engage-disengage procedures.
  • A high possibility of ‘temporary to permanent’ placement.

Managing Productivity
Productivity management teams interact with clients to motivate, enhance productivity, and inspire personnel to cut down attrition rate. Tuned to organizational perspectives this service offers solutions pertaining to employee satisfaction index, rewards, performance and retention parameters like:

  • Compensation
  • Rewards and Benefits
  • Variable Pay
  • Best Practices
  • Sales Rewards
  • Retention Management
  • Employee Satisfaction

Panzer Technologies Top Search

  • Panzer Technologies handles Directors, Country Head, CEO, CIO, CTO and other senior Management level positions.
  • Panzer Technologies has placed candidates with multinationals and industry leaders, as well as small organizations. Designation level is GM, VP or higher in the IT-ITES-Telecom Domain.
  • Panzer Technologies has handled openings in areas of software, hardware, marketing, telecom, data communications, operations, training, and human resources.
  • Compensation exceeds Rs 500, 000 pa (India) or USD 100,000 pa (outside India)
  • Confidentiality assured for the company as well as the candidate


How we work?

Define Objectives and Specifications

  • Ensure understanding of client’s business and culture
  • Obtain client consensus on positions’ scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships and the profile of the employees
  • Design and develop the research plan

Identify and Assess Candidates

  • Identifying matching candidates from databases
  • Identifying, screening and evaluation of candidates to choose the right candidates
  • Review profiles with the client


  • Coordinating for interviews
  • Obtain feedback from client and candidate
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Prepare detailed profiles and evaluation reports on each candidate
  • Select finalists to be interviewed

Select Right Candidates

  • Select Right Candidates
  • Negotiate Salary and Benefits

Follow up

  • Ensure smooth transition for candidates
  • Ensure client satisfaction


With our training partners, we provide training to candidates based on the client requirements to ensure high productivity and quality of service. Panzer Technologies offers training services to professionals across the domains and experience levels in the following areas –

  • Soft Skills Training Programs
  • Technical Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Custom Trainings

Our training programs are practical and interactive which are facilitated by the expert trainers possessing extensive understanding of the subject and industry experience.


Our services include...

Panzer Technologies provide following services: Permanent staffing, Contract Staffing, Flexi Staffing, Resume Services, Resume Services, Payroll Solutions, Statutory Compliance Support, Trust Management

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