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Panzer Technologies firmly believes in pro-active approach rather than taking a passive stand in delivering products and services. In order to survive in a highly competitive market, we have ensured that our products and services are of very high quality and meet up to our clients’ requirements. For Panzer Technologies, client satisfaction is given top priority and naturally the focus is on providing the best business results for our clients.

Our outsourcing offshore is transparent, and customer friendly, and not merely a “contract arrangement”. We maintain constant contact with our clients and believe in give-and-take arrangement, whereby the clients’ views and opinions in evolving products and services are taken into consideration from time to time. What is our unique approach?

  • Commitment to the concept of client partnerships
  • Adopting and of course continuously trying to improvise upon our existing software development based practices as well as processes.
  • Formulating our HR policies within our own organization that would orient our experienced team to possess a rather indomitable urge to perform well and no doubt deliver robust as well as workable software solutions.
  • Continuous up-gradation as well as training of our staff by topnotch experts for them to understand the critical issues of offshore development and coordination.
  • Domain as well as technology experts.
  • We well know how to orient ourselves towards our clients’ goals and turn them into reality.
  • We can gear up our team quickly with the required competencies to get the best results for the clients to make an impact upon the client


Our Web design Services are innovative and attractive, catering to the needs of our clients.

Web design services are highly specialized affair and require necessary expertise and unique techniques in order to get the best web design pages. For most people, web design appears to be simple affair, but in reality this is not so. It requires experts who can design a complex, but beautiful web design for the promotion of the client’s business. Web design services do consist of simple web pages as well as flash web pages and also cater to the professional expectations of the clients.

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