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To increase competitiveness, many staffing firms across America and the UK have turned to Panzer Technologies RPO in an effort to cut costs. All have been successful in that endeavour. Panzer Technologies RPO is able to leverage a favourable exchange rate through operations in India. Our tenured leadership makes sure we exemplify process expertise, and have the resources to scale up or down and deliver more than expected to you, our client.

The tenacious skill of Panzer Technologies RPO employee’s represents considerable cost-savings for agencies; savings that go straight to the bottom line. So while your agency’s revenues are growing, you get to keep more of what you earn.


Savings Comparison

Description of expense per month In House Panzer Technologies RPO
Salary Of Recruiter ,Benefits, Payroll taxes etc. $ 4000.00 Included
Cost of Infrastructure like PC, ATS, Telephone ,Office Space etc. $ 500.00 Included
Commissions Extra Included
Total Cost Of a Recruiter per month all Inclusive $ 6500.00 $ 1500.00
Savings Per Month by using Panzer Technologies RPO $ 5000.00

Just concentrate on your core business

We can relieve you effectively of all RPO concerns so that you can fully concentrate on your core business. Ensuring you are completely satisfied with our services serves as a compass for our everyday work.

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